Phinmagic’s Hiatus update

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So, if your a fan of Phineus, you’ve noticed that it’s been on hold for a while. This is all mostly due to health concerns. Spent quite a few nights in the ER in recent weeks and months. I’m feeling much better, physically, but I need to get my mind back in the game and fight the constant pain in my hands. While I am artistically hampered, I can occasionally get some drawing done.

What I have been able to get accomplished, is some printable 2D figures that can be used for One Page Rules’ Grimdark Fantasy Infected Army. This army just so happens to be based on the Phineus’ Cthulhu Cult, so it will end up being usable in an upcoming RPG/Board game I am developing. It’ll be based on my own Homegrown RPG (which is available on Drive Thru RPG) as we speak. I’ve been developing a hybrid RPG and Talisman-like game for Phineus.

I have a bunch of Pics over on my blog, of the stuff I’ve been working on, as well as all the comics in the archives. It’s just a bummer that all this happened during the 30th anniversary year. Stuff happens, I guess.

Stay tuned, I’m not done, just regrouping and trying to get healthy. I hope next year will be more productive.