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Mara: A webcomic about the littlest barbarian

TAIWAN – Monday, 1st of March, 2021

Taiwan-based first time comic creator Stuffed Rock Studio is excited to announce that our manga style fantasy comic, Mara, will be available in English, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese on Patreon starting 1st of April, 2021, and available at for free starting 8th of April, 2021!

Mara will be available on Patreon for early page releases, with the top Patreon tier also getting exclusive behind the scenes and in progress works. All patrons will additionally receive discord access to chat with the creators. But the comic will not be hidden behind a paywall – Mara will be released weekly for free on the main site.

Follow the titular character, Mara, a young girl from a small fishing village, as she tries to manage the power of an ancestral spirit she wasn’t prepared to receive. As she ventures from the broken tatters of her own small tribe into the larger world on a quest for revenge, she learns how much bigger the world is than herself, and how deeply entrenched her enemy really is.

Key Points

  • A story of magic, monsters, gods, and a girl gifted with the strength of many.
  • Watch Mara’s powers grow as she learns to control the link with her guardian spirit.
  • Experience a harsh world of scarcity and loss.
  • The friends and enemies she makes along the way shape her as she grows – for better or worse.
  • A long but finite story with weekly updates.
  • Patreon is available, but not a requirement to enjoy the comic.
  • Writing by Dylan Goss.
  • Illustration by Rosi Woo.
  • Chinese and Spanish translations by Gregory Thorpe Badrena.

We hope you’ll join us, and Mara, on this journey!

About Stuffed Rock Studio

Stuffed Rock is a first time creator trying to break into the wonderful world of comics. To learn more about Stuffed Rock, please visit

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