Fly By Night – A new supernatural fantasy webcomic

On 1/21/21, the webcomic Fly By Night launched! Set in the Fantasy World of Eris, Fly By Night chronicles the adventures of a young student solving supernatural mysteries alongside their enigmatic professor in a world shrouded by eternal night.

The war on the mountain is over, and the sun has set for the last time. In the darkness, creatures both familiar and strange emerge. The Instrumentalists are both ambassadors to those who seek new life on the surface, and guardians against those who seek to disrupt the order above. Follow apprentice Instrumentalist Émil Baseau and their mentor, the enigmatic Professor Aldrich Mortríer as they work together to find Émil’s missing brother in this strange, new world.

Fly By Night is also available on Tapas and Webtoon.

Fly By Night is written by Francesco Trombetta and illustrated by Ashley Quebedeaux.

Original post submitted by Ashley Quebedeaux