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#Webcomic: 1/16

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Ah, to be back doing #Webcomic is like finding a really comfortable pair of pants after you get home from work. You end up so comfortable you fall asleep on the couch and forget you had something to do…

So yeah, it has been a while, hasn’t it? I want to start 2021 right, so I am happy to dive back into the social medias (all of them! but mostly Twitter) to find comics to share with you all.

So what is in the hashtag this morning?

Bring on that confidence!

Tweeter @Tigithealien seems to be doing a daily comic on Twitter, and my eye was caught by the third one. I find the message to be a good one and I’d definitely interested in seeing where the comic goes.

Delayed Reaction

This fun comic by @doppy_enjo featured a gag that quite honestly made me chuckle. Good stuff! I like the art style quite a bit as well. I am going to keep an eye on this user.

After that D(emon)

This concept seems pretty fun. I am not super into romance comics as I have highlighted a few times before, I am sure, but the concept and first installment of this series by @MissMDutch seems pretty fun. I’m going to check it out a bit more but I just want to shout out the comic that gave me a good first impression.

Interesting, most interesting…

I’ve only seen the first update of this comic, but it definitely hits a few interesting marks that make me want to read further, as such, it deserves a shoutout here. Good work @the_catatonic. Love the handle, too.

So yeah, that’s what’s up this week. Some of these comics may show up again as I read them and I may drop some impressions here and there.

I am also always up for new comics to promote, so please comment here with your social media so I can share your stuff in a future update.