Comicadia Update 8/29

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Welcome back to another Comicadia Update! What is going on at Comicadia? Let’s find out.

Animatic Funded!

So, the tweet speaks for itself, but Robert’s GoFundMe to produce a second Kaiju Dayz animatic was successful, and it looks like with some time to spare. That’s some really great news!

‘Orthos’ Comes to an End

The final two pages of Orthos: Eye for Vengeance went up Friday. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jamil on the comic. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, now is a perfect time.

Aether Eternius Sept. Strawpoll

Nova currently has a Strawpoll up, so please vote!

‘Sneaky Goblins’ gets Reviewed!

We missed this one a couple weeks ago. Check out this awesome review of Sneaky Goblins!

There is some high praise here, for example:

As for the ending? No spoilers, but Pfitzner nailed it. It’s fitting and lighthearted. The loose threads are all tied up. The characters show satisfying development. And, maybe best of all, there’s an intriguing epilogue hinting at a welcome sequel. 

You can buy your copy of Sneaky Goblins right here!

Three Months?!

Three months of updates? I am lucky not to pass out after one page…

Meet Clyde

While Jo’s comic might be on a break, he seems to be working on… something. Look at this roguish character!