Comicadia Updates 8/24

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No bonus question this week, just straight up updates.

Haze continues to amaze

A couple of updates from the creator of Tom n’ Artie this week, the most pressing is that there is a Gofundme for a second animatic of the Kaiju Dayz concept.

“Second animatic,” you ask? What about the first one?

The first one is right here:

So, if you are down for more Kaiju Dayz, consider throwing a couple of bucks toward that second animatic, if you can.

Orthos Wrapping Up Soon

My own comic running on Comicadia Worlds, Orthos: Eye for Vengeance, is in its final pages. This spinoff of Cosmic Dash has been very well received so far, which I couldn’t be happier about.

The next story set to debut on Comicadia Worlds is another from Deft Beck, author of The Bekkoning, and the first comic posted to Comicadia Worlds. His new comic is a fantasy project titled Thieftender and I actually did the flat coloring on it. I am eager to see what everyone thinks about it.

We also have about 5 other stories in the queue for Comicadia Worlds, so pleased keep an eye out.

A Secret Project on the Horizon

We are hoping to announce a special new project soon. We’re putting on the last touches before it goes live. I’ll keep asking when I can spill the beans about it.

Weekly Discussions on the Comicadia Discord

One thing we have been doing on the Comicadia Discord, lately, are discussions. These are topic-driven open conversations about different aspects of creating webcomics. We’ll be writing about some of the highlights with each discussion as well. If you want to get involved and share your thoughts on each topic please check out the Weekly Discussion channel in the Discord server.

Ghost is on Tik-Tok!

Why? To share art, of course. If you are a Tik-Tokker(?) give Ghost a follow!

That’s it for the Comicadia Update this week. Do you have your own webcomic and news you wish to share? Why not submit it to us through our news submission feature?