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#Webcomic 8/9

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We’re back with some more selections pulled from social media under the hashtag #Webcomic.

We’re also cheating the system a bit by including some update posts by Discord members.

Hey, look. My column, my rules. Deal with it.

Helix Strikes Suddenly

This webcomic, Helix, comes from a recent member of the Discord. It’s a gorgeously illustrated comic and well worth your time. Please check it ouy.

Joe Is Dead

Another comic from a recent Discord member, Joe Is Dead is highly stylized and I am certainly intrigued by it so far. It’s on my reading list.

Background Work

It is always fun to check out the process of various webcomics. Here we have an example of a background and it’s looking pretty good so far!


Here is a fun one, a more traditional comic strip. This is a repost of a comic from the archives of this series, but that is the fun of having a strip.

Stand Still, Stay Silent

I’ve not seen this comic before prior to this tweet, but I really like the look of it. It seems like a quality comic.

The muted color scheme is quite nice.

Existential Musings

Just some anxieties manifesting on Instagram. Why not enjoy them?

The Rose Thorn

Here is some concept work for an upcoming webcomic. These are some fun designs!

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