Comicadia Update 8/7

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Another week, another batch of news!

This week’s bonus question: How many times have you had to redraw a panel before you were satisfied with it?

Novasiri of Aether Eternius

Nova shares an answer to the question, writing, “My current max is 5 redraws for a single panel. And that was this particular panel, the one for Hecate’s face reveal.”

A solid reveal for Hecate.

Dojo of Paisley Brickstone

Dojo had this to add, “I usually redraw my panels at least once or twice because my initial sketch is just getting a really quick idea down, and the second one is figuring out the composition. I’m usually satisfied with the second one but there’ve been times I’ve had to redraw a lot more than that.”

SeetheRabbit of Vulperra

Rabbit also wanted to weigh in on this week’s question, stating that he has had to redraw a panel once in a while a couple of times and that he tries to “sketch and plan better to avoid it.”

It’s sound advice.

Hawk of Culture Shock

Hawk weighs in: “I don’t think it’s ever taken me more than twice. I thumbnail sketch my pages first and that usually works out a lot of the problems… but now and then when drawing the page I change my mind or find new problems. It usually only takes one more stab at it.”

Barry of Phineus

Barry offers up his normal update in a separate post, but he too wanted to weigh in on the topic for the week. Barry writes, “I’ve gotten so stuck, I’ve put the whole issue on hold, and moved on to a whole new story, and come back to the first. In fact, one time, I did 3 mini issues and then came back.”

Haze of Tom n’ Artie

Haze lets us know about the latest Tom n’ Artie update but also drops the link to a special IndieGoGo campaign.

Haze is an editor of the first volume of Beast Commandos, a grim, gritty, toyetic action-adventure comic featuring bestial heroes.

Kevin of Everywhen

America’s sweetheart, Kevin, had this to say on the topic: “I’ve probably redrawn a panel two, three times tops. I used to prioritize getting a page done and out over perfect. Now I work on it more.”

Jamil of Jasper Gold

Jamil hits us with panel talk: “I cannot stress how important thumbnailing is. It will save so much time in the long run. When I started on Jasper Gold, not only did I have to redraw panels, but entire pages at times because of how unsatisfied I was. This happened far more often than I want to admit. I rushed to meet my update deadline, only to ironically lose more time because of having to redraw whole pages.”

As for me, I think on average I redraw a panel two times or so. This doesn’t count drafting and thumbnails, though, I can go through dozens of those. Sometimes, though, you get deep into sketching a panel and realize it just doesn’t work.

With my own news, I have been thinking about a series I want to pitch and I am toying with developing it further. I’ve been published before and the like, but I want to eventually get a deal to do an ongoing comic.