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#Webcomic 8/2

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Why not wrap up the week with some webcomics? That’s how we roll with #Webcomic, right?

Pull up a chair and check out the creative offerings I’ve pulled from social media.

Blobby and Friends

This webcomic had me once I saw the Blobfish, nature’s saddest and cruelest joke.

This one hits differently

I am in this tweet and I do not like it.

I have a new hero

I will do anything for Mothman.

I am now considering doing this…

Any time is a good time for a burger.

Beware the Reptilians

This comic is spitting some real truth.

The Ballad of Rusty Groynes

Come to giggle at the name “Groynes” and stay for the well-rendered comic art.

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