Someone Take the Damn Wheel

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Working primarily alone on a great deal of what I do has made me envious of people who manage to put together teams. I keep thinking about all the areas where I can use some help, and I realize that I am fairly lucky overall with the help I do have. I have someone I pay to do some inking on Cosmic Dash (I’ve managed that arrangement with a few folks) and I have an assistant who is interning with me to do some research-based tasks I don’t really have time for myself. Hell, I am a fairly regular flatter on the webcomic Banished, and around this time last year, I was doing the same thing for Accursed Dragon.

Despite these moments of collective effort, however, the truth is that the majority of the time I am going at this alone. As are most webcomic creators. It’s probably the most stressful part of creating comics as it feels like there is no support system. A webcomic creator in many cases is a writer, artist, editor, programmer, promoter, and social media manager and that is an absolutely exhausting amount of tasks to think about. Especially given that amount of tasks is rarely compensated financially.

Is it any wonder that people get burned out and need breaks? The hiatus, as dreaded as it is for many readers, is almost an essential method of winding down the tension of being pulled in multiple directions. Sure, for readers, it may cut the momentum of a story, but for the creators it is a necessary evil and form of self-care.

When I think about the help I could use most in my comic creating right now, I think I could benefit from a manager. Someone who just… tells me what to do and actually runs the non-creation aspect of the webcomic environment for me. I’d literally just love to Dropbox finished comics so someone else can upload them for me. I wish I had someone who could help me by posting my dumb Twitter and Instagram updates when I release a new page. Someone to manage the Facebook group and occasionally plug the archive. All those little inconveniences.

So… anyone looking for a low-paying job posting to Twitter a couple of times a week? No? Bummer.

What about you, though? If you had a helping hand in your webcomic creation, what would they be helping with?