New Comicadia Comic: The Bekkoning

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Please join us in welcoming the newest webcomic to the Comicadia family, The Bekkoning. What is The Bekkoning, you ask? Well…

The Bekkoning is a tech-noir webcomic written by Deft Beck and illustrated by Jacob Mcnamamy.

In the far future, no one remembers how the world ended, or how everyone became androids. In the city of Verloren, the Gespenst — half-broken androids — scavenge the city in search of batteries and spare parts to survive uncertain days with the city’s zombie-like Hollows, while the Gestalt lives in the comfortable unreality of Elysium. The Bekkoning #1 follows Pusher, a Gespenst scavenger who discovers an amnesiac Elysian named Bek in the trash one night. Pusher has to leave his solitary life behind in order to unravel the mystery behind Bek’s lost memories.

The Bekkoning #2 continues the story; Pusher and Bek must face off against Hecker, the baron of Verloren’s Hollows, to rescue their friend and begin their search for the Administrator of Verloren.

Synopsis courtesy of Deft Beck

If The Bekkoning seems familiar, it is probably because you recognize it as our launch comic on Comicadia Worlds, serving as the first full story in our always-online anthology.

You can read The Bekkoning on its official website. New pages will be out on Fridays.

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