Pandemic Productivity and Self Care

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COVID-19 has me of two minds. First, it is the idea that with nowhere to go, with me trapped in my home, my productivity regarding my webcomics can finally increase. The other is that the world is in such an exhausting and emotional state right now that I cannot quite seem to work on anything without feeling fatigued. I feel simultaneously motivated and defeated and it is a very strange liminal state that I am trying to navigate as a creator.

The promise of reward as motivation doesn’t necessarily apply for webcomics in the short-term. I know that my webcomics do not make me a lot of money, but commissions do. Lately my focus has been on the work that gives me money, particularly given the precariousness of unemployment so many are facing.

I am fortunate because my job seems pretty stable right now and allows me to work from home. The question is, how long will that be the case. That probably factors into why I am prioritizing the commission work right now. The short term security of Paypal transfers to help cover food and bills makes for strong motivation. My webcomics can wait.

That isn’t to say I am not working on my webcomics, though. I’m just taking my time. I want to work on them when I feel motivated. It just so happens that my motivation to work on the webcomics (a long term potential reward) is trumped by my desire to work on commissions and paid writing projects, which provide immediate reward in the short term.

I am curious how the extra time at home may be increasing or decreasing webcomic output around the webcomic scene, though. What is your situation? Please let me know in the comments.