Comicadia Sketchbook, April 3rd

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Welcome back to the (semi) weekly sketchbook! Let’s check out the great art we’ve assembled this week.

Natara drops a content bomb…

Natara seems to be working on something pretty.

Of course, we also get hit with Hass and Magnus as villagers from Animal Crossing. Cute!

We support our friends!

Friend of Comicadia and Herald contributor MJ shares these two images. She states that this is “artwork from my upcoming Kickstarter for The Alchemist of Aurillia Chapter 1, the story of a wizard and her familiar in the Ottoman Empire. Coming May 2020.” We’ll keep everyone posted on the Kickstarter once it launches!

Haze Amazes

Haze sends some development art, stating, “Ether, Pegasus Merc and Tom’s on-n-off girlfriend. Sketched up by Skysunnymq.”

Gilded Tears

Monica hits us with some hella intense work.

Phin at the Mountains of Madness

Phin sends this: Here is my design for the giant Albino penguins from At the Mountains of Madness. There’s been a Phineus/Locus/ The Path crossover, where they all visit the site of the book, in the works for quite a few years. Imma do my version at some point.

Nova Sketches!

Nova sent this: I always try to do warm-up AND cool-down sketches after doing comics. So I used my FFXIV character.

No, you do it. I’m lazy.

Joseph Possum delivers this awesome Buddy sticker.


Ghost draws some amazing werewolves. I twisted her arm into tweaking her drawing into my own werewolf, Fang, on the right. Mwhaha.

Background Nightmares

Nova invites us to share her pain when it comes to backgrounds.

Freezeframe… record scratch.

Dojo presents zero context Harvey… in space!

Also from Dojo: Panel from an upcoming Paisley Brickstone page, featuring Kirch and Onyx. What are they selling and what does Onyx seem so interested in.

A little LIGHT sketching…

Lastly, here is some behind-the-scenes development work for a Cosmic Dash story.

Jamil in action

Jamil sends this: I got a message from a pal last night. She invited me to join her in an art stream. It had been a few weeks since I last streamed, so I figured “why not?” I then realized that it’s been weeks since I’ve drawn…well…anything! After some mindless doodling, I settled on a simple sketch of Charlotte and Sammy Gold, with the help of suggestions from the chat.