MAX February Wrap-up, March Signups Open

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ErinPtah’s picture for Modesty has a lot of energy to it! The theme this round was music, and this picture of Aki dancing is very striking with its red monochromatic color scheme.

April Round Signups

April’s signups are open, and the optional theme is vehicles. You can learn a lot about characters from the vehicles they choose, can’t you? Artists can draw the character on a horse, in a car, on a bike, on a surfboard… whatever the character is known to ride. I know not everyone likes to draw complex things like bikes or horses, which is why the monthly theme is always optional. But are you up for a challenge?

What is MAX?

The Multi-Artist-eXchange is a long-running program in which artists exchange art of each other’s original characters. It runs monthly and has involved hundreds of artists and thousands of images. The goal has always been for character creators to have the chance to see their characters in a different style while having the chance to draw something new and challenging for another artist. The monthly theme is optional but gives artists an additional prompt for inspiration if they need it.

Artists who are interested in signing up can visit Comicadia’s MAX page to do so. Participation requires creating an account and providing a few characters with several reference images each and then signing up for a round after you’ve been approved.