Comicadia Sketchbook, March 11th

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Comicadia Sketchbook is a weekly gallery of art from members of Comicadia. How about we take a look at the selections for this week?

Dojo the Mysterious

I received a message in the mail from Dojo that consisted of a single sheet of paper with an Imgur URL written on it. After painstakingly typing the URL into my browser I found the image above. When I pressed Dojo for more information he simply said: “it’s a secret.”


I wouldn’t even know where to begin inking that panel to whatever this mystery project is.

Barry’s Process

Check out this cool glimpse of how a Phineus cover comes together!

It’s amazing that Barry does this entirely on a phone!

From Rabbit, a Bandicoot…

Wait a minute, Anders is a fan of Crash Bandicoot?

Norway! (Get it?)

He is apparently bonkers for the bandicoot.