Comicadia Sketchbook, March 4th

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Comicadia Sketchbook is a weekly gallery of art from members of Comicadia. How about we take a look at the selections for this week?

Watercolor Spotlight

Okay, so this is technically from last week, but I felt compelled to share. I absolutely love watercolor work and Monica does fantastic work here. This is some damn good stuff.

hpkomic’s Shameless Self-promotion

I did a commission this week for my frequent collaborator Deft Beck. I am currently available for commissions right now as well. If you like the look of the character you should read his Thieftender series on Wattpad.

With Cosmic Dash updating again I have been posting a lot of previews and in-development art. Expect to see my stuff pop of frequently since I am the one compiling these posts. 😉

Pixel Perfect

Check out this dope as hell pixel work. Great stuff. I wonder what Kazoo is practicing for? Maybe we should ask?

Jamil in the Spotlight

Again, cheating a bit as this was from last week, but it is always great to see in-progress comic work, especially from Jamil.

Barry Breaks it Down

Last but not least, Barry sent in this absolute unit.

He also sent in a little commentary:

This sketch is of an umber hulk I did for prep for my Hollow Earth series. Alot of myvstuff is based on either mythology and/or Dungeons and Dragons. The umberhulk has always been one of my favorites. I’ve ever put grill into my comic as well. My Cthulhu cult is straight up mind players mixed with the Lovecraft mythos. Gonna do Gythyanki soon, too

Check back each Wednesday for more artwork from Comicadia‘s comic creators!