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#Webcomic 2/14

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Welcome to our series #Webcomic that scours social media for interesting webcomic conversations or announcements. It’s just a brief, informal survey of what is going on, and we’re always sure we’ll miss something. So please, feel free to comment on the article with any tweets that you found funny, insightful, or just plain interesting!

Hello reader. I hope you had a good week. Let’s see what’s been going on under that sweet hashtag.

New Spacepals update!

Spacepals is out with two new pages!

J-Man promo!

Aleksey has done a pretty sweet looking promo drawing.

Looking for webcomics

Mr. Charlie Irons is looking for webcomics. If you’re making one or are reading something good, then you could send him a tweet!

Concept art

EjZero is on the pre-production stage of his webcomic. It’s looking pretty good!

Punni Blade

Edwark has done a short comic. I hope he does more of this because it looks cool.

Ten years of Camprul

Another webcomic has passed the 10-year mark. Let’s celebrate by giving it a read!

Thanks for stopping by. See you next week.