Valentine’s Day Sex Drive is back, baby!

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Hello, one and all! With Valentine’s Day upon us, it is now time for us to indulge in the tradition of lewdness! What is Valentine’s Day Sex Drive, you ask?

It’s very simple. A bunch of webcomic folks get together, draw lewds of their characters and post them online for their viewership. Is this Not Safe For Work? Very much so. Where can you find a complete list? Well, the main site is located at: but we have a small list of creators who we’d like to throw a spotlight on!

For more information, or to take part in next year’s VDSD, please check out

The Naughty List

Here are just some of the participants this round. You can find more listed at the individual websites. Naturally, a NSFW warning is in effect!

Monica of MoonSlayers:
Julie Devin AKA Ghost Ghost of Monster Soup:
Mark Egan of Back Office:
Allison Myres of My Hero!:
Barry Linck of Phineus:
Mark Egan of Bata Neart:
Ashleen Woods of Crystal Lotus Chronicles: