Happy Birthday to David Davis!

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We at Comicadia would like you all to join us in wishing our own David Davis a happy birthday! Over the last year, David has worked tirelessly to bring new features, talent and content to Comicadia and we, for one, would like to express our gratitude for this!

Kota starts us off with Dash, giving our his creator a lively present… If that’s Red in there, it might be best to just leave him all wrapped up…

As such, a bunch of our folks have drawn various characters from Cosmic Dash in celebration of David’s achievements with the collective, as well as just being an all-around swell guy!

Hawk’s adorably melancholy Alix is less enthused by birthdays, it would seem, but it’s the thought that counts!

From coordinating with the amazing group over at Learning Comics to forming a collaborative friendship with the fine folks over at Aradia, David has given it his all in hopes of helping the webcomic community come together. For that, we believe he deserves some well earned kudos!

SeeTheRabbit drew Kracker, who is in the spirit for a part-eh… Then again, when isn’t he?

To add to the great accomplishments David has done over the year, let us not forget the Herald itself. Born from David’s love of writing, webcomics and the need to improve the lives of all those he meets, The Comicadia Herald was built in hopes of helping out all creatives of comics by making a safe place where the community can come, talk, see resources and promote themselves without the fear of being lost in the endless waves of Social Media. For that, I’d say he deserve a toast!

BJC certainly went all out on the decorations!

So, let’s all raise a glass, or perhaps, non-alcoholic, slightly carbonated, sugary can of the closest syrup-based goop that gives you that energy rush you need to get through the day, to the wonderful, and always dancing David Davis

We love you, man!