New Photoshop CC feature converts rasters to vectors with a simple slider!

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Unmesh Dinda recently shared a tutorial about a new Photoshop feature in a Youtube video. This feature enables users to convert a single-color raster image (bitmap-based) to scaleable vector versions, all within Photoshop. This is limited to current versions of Photoshop CC, so older versions will not have this functionality. For Photoshop CC users, however, this feature could be a potential tool for line art.

View the video below, and continue reading about how this could help in creating webcomics.

Scalable Line Art

Inking on paper can sometimes feel more comfortable with a lot of creators. The problem is, digitizing those scans can be troublesome. Usually, it is a bit of a pain to take those raster scans of line art and create smooth, vectorized lines for scaling an image to larger sizes. Many creators stress working at larger dimensions to ensure comic quality when saved for print or web. The problem is that most raster-based scans are resource-intensive and are never quite a smooth as some creators may want.

So, potentially, a creator can scan their line art at a size just large enough to clean it up using the Adjustment Levels technique for line art, then run that line art through this process outlined in the video to create a scalable line art drawing.

There are many other potential uses as well. Say someone has a hand-drawn logo. This could be a way to quickly generate a scalable logo that can then be spruced up through layer styles.

Again, however, this very much requires one to be a Photoshop CC subscriber, and that can sometimes prove cost-prohibitive. Please keep checking in with The Comicadia Herald for future tutorials and program guides, including many Photoshop alternatives.