Phineus comics are back!

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After a far too long hiatus, the comics of the Phineus universe are back! I needed to take some time off, due to complications with my hands healing after my car accident last year and it took a little longer than anticipated. Apologies. But, now we’re back!

Updates will post throughout the week for the three current ongoing comics.

Magician for Hire’s, Cole is in trouble.

Magician for Hire, the Phineus universe’s future set comic, which follows the adventures of Phin and Sara’s daughter, Cole Beam, will update on Mondays at it’s site HERE.

Phineus is in trouble, too!

The long running flagship of the Phineus universe, Phineus updates on Fridays, along with blogs throughout the week. Phineus and Sara continue their 30 years of adventures, fighting monsters so you don’t have to! Read it HERE!

Brother Maynard is also in trouble!

The newest Phineus universe title, Maynard and Grimm posts on the 7×7 site, on Wednesdays. The cyborg priest and electric dwarf are kicking ass for the Lord and saving the world for you, HERE!

So, stop on by, read the new stuff, take a dive into the archives and have some fun!