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#Webcomic 12/27

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Hello everyone! Anders is taking a break today, which leaves the work of handling #Webcomic on my broad, masculine shoulders. I will do my best to not flex so hard that I ruin the column for you!

#Webcomic is an exploration of what is going on in social media by finding material posted under the hashtag of “webcomic.” We then share that with you and hope we’ve done some good. We try to spotlight smaller creators as much as we can.

Banished has Updated

Banished is a fun sci-fi comic that I have had the pleasure of doing some coloring on. It’s never been in a #Webcomic article, so I am rectifying that!

The Legend of Lucy Updates

The Legend of Lucy is a webcomic that features a cute battle pig in a fantasy world. I just think it is neat.

Get Animated!

The creator of the webcomic Pandora’s Gate is showing off some animation skill! Really neat!

Just for Me

There’s a brand new page of the Principles of Magic… just for me! That’s what the tweet said at least. 🤔

The best monster-slapping psychedelic fantasy

Y’all had me at monster-slapping, no need to flex.

That is it for this #Webcomic, as always, please drop a comment here or tweet us things you want us to post in #Webcomic. We are literally asking you for things to plug!