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#Webcomic 12/9

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Welcome to our series #Webcomic that scours social media for interesting webcomic conversations or announcements. It’s just a brief, informal survey of what is going on, and we’re always sure we’ll miss something. So please, feel free to comment on the article with any tweets that you found funny, insightful, or just plain interesting!

Busy times due to Christmas are fast approaching, but that won’t stop the hashtag. Let’s see what we got!

Update for Star Warriors!

@Starwarriors__ is out with a new page for his epic sci-fi Star Warriors!

Interest for new Da Pukas?

@PembrokeWKorgi has added a new page for his webcomic Da Pukas. Have a look, dear reader.

New Chez Cuckoo strip

@Lienslasken has published a new strip of Chez Cuckoo. Something to check out if you want to read a comic strip from Norway.

New Supermassive Black Hole A* page!

@smbhax had added a new page for his webcomic New Supermassive Black Hole A* If you like hard SciFi and untraditional webcomics, then you should check this out.

That will be for today’s post. Remember that you can always tweet us if you want to be included in #webcomic, or if you have some spicey webcomic news! See you on Friday!