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Comicadia is proud to announce its affiliation with the Aradia Webcomic Collective. The Aradia Webcomic Collective is a group of talented webcomic creators who share an interest in magical girl content.

But hey, why not hear them out from their about page?

Unlike many webcomic collectives, Aradia functions as an autonomous community. All support each other and each person contributes to the pot.

In less fancier words, it just means that there are no founding members or select comics. Instead Aradia serves to both collect, archive and promote magical girl webcomics of all kinds! Your origin, gender, race, religion — none of it matters here, so long as you make a webcomic within the genre!

And yes Vicky, we also do accept webcomics where there are multiple genres at hand, or where the webcomic is connected to the magical genre in some manner, shape or form. So long as it has enough similarities in common, we accept it! We also do not claim exclusivity on membership — it’s perfectly a-okay to belong to this collective and to another at the same time. The only time it won’t be allowed is if the other collective claims exclusivity. We respect anyone who wishes to remain loyal or exclusive, and will not push you otherwise.

If this sounds like your jam, please go to the submissions page and fill out the form!

About Aradia

You can check out all of the comics in the collective on their website. One of which is Comicadia’s own MoonSlayer.

What’s in an affiliation?

The affiliation between Comicadia and Aradia features cross-promotion at the heart of our relationship; additionally, Aradia comics will be able to share their collectives news directly here on The Comicadia Herald. This is part of the Comicadia effort to create new promotional opportunities for webcomic creators leveraging our talented creators and affiliates.

For more information about the Aradia webcomic collective, you can visit the official website or the official Twitter account.