Wool Wolf is opening their doors!

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The webcomic collective Wool Wolf is accepting applications for membership. Now’s the time to join if you’re on the hunt for a collective! The deadline is December 26th.

Wool Wolf Comics

Wool Wolf is a webcomic collective with the goals of promoting webcomics, enabling creators, and building communities. We want to focus on comics with forward-thinking messages, diverse creators and characters, and fresh stories.

​Join our community of creators and readers alike and support our positive messages, join in creative events, and learn more about how to grow your own artistic endeavors.

The Wool Wolf Website

You can see the currently active comics in the collective at their website. As for the requirements for application, they can be found on their submissions page, but we’ll include them here as well.

The Wool Wolf Webcomic Collective is a collective of webcomics created by a very diverse range of individuals. Wool Wolf is a Queer- and Black-owned community with creators ranging from people of color and people on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. We believe in fostering creativity as a community among other likeminded individuals and interacting with our fanbases.

Wool Wolf is looking for currently operating webcomics existing on their own domains (not solely hosted on Tapas, Webtoons, etc.). Sites may be hosted on ComicFury or Smackjeeves, but are required to have their own domains. We are not looking for webcomics that have not yet begun and we require at least 50-60 pages worth of content for us to consider acceptance into the collective.

The benefits of joining Wool Wolf are:

• representation of your comic merchandise at conventions and events, with creators receiving 95% of any sales. The remaining 5% goes towards the growth of WW (booking events, purchasing marketing materials, site costs, etc).

• promotion of your comic(s) and your other artistic ventures

• being involved with a community willing to help each other and in general, having fun!

Aside from sales at conventions, Wool Wolf is not a paying collective and focuses mainly on the community aspect. If profit is your primary reason for joining WW, this may not be the collective for you.

Submissions Page of Wool Wolf

If all of this sounds good to you, do yourself a favor and apply to their collective!