Exciting New Changes Coming to the Smack Jeeves Webcomic Community

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A fresh new development is going on over at one of the internet’s webcomic hosting sites. Smack Jeeves has been a good public host for webcomics and a lively community for over a decade now, but it’s about to get a major facelift

A New Website

Newly announced features for the website include a brand-new comic profile page. It promises easier navigation and seems to organize a comic’s chapters more clearly. Clutter has been moved to the side for a more clean look. This includes changing the way it reports the amount of fans and readers for the comic.

There are also changes made to accommodate the types of long vertically scrolling comics that Tumblr users might be familiar with. While the traditional page structure for comics will remain the default, creators can choose the vertically scrolling template if it matches their comic’s needs.

A New App

Smack Jeeves is also launching an app to better display comics on the smaller screens. Screenshots in the announcement show the app filling the screen for readability and placing the navigation buttons in a more convenient location.

Give and Take Some Features

In the announcement, more details have been provided about a monetary system that will be introduced, and new comic content that is exclusive to the Smack Jeeves community.

The new features do come with some downsides, however. Users will no longer be able to create custom domains and comic layouts, and the site’s messaging system and forum are also being removed. Users will still be able to communicate with each other on Discord.

For more explanations on the new site features as well as screenshots, feel free to visit the official announcement page.