Comicadia Partners with Learning Comics!

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Comicadia and the Learning Comics! Discord channel have entered into an exciting, collaborative partnership. Learning Comics! is an educational Discord project that aims to develop talented creators to produce webcomics and comic books through a rigorous learning program. Comicadia is the webcomic collective you know and love who are stepping up to assist the program and students by promoting their work.

Learning Comics!

The basic highlights of this collaboration are outlined by the Learning Comics! program.

Welcome Potential Students!
My name is Z. I welcome you to the Learning Comics Discord Server, a pilot project I started recently. On this server, you will be provided with a 3-month program divided into 3 phases. Each phase has 2 theoretical reports and 1 practice exercise that involves the creation of a short comic. You will be working in groups of 6 to 8. This is a great chance to learn not only the basics of comics and webtoons but also a good chance to learn the basics of teamwork.
We also have mentors that will accompany you across your learning process. The Comicadia webcomic collective will be presenting your stories as part of their anthology website and promoting your projects through their social media channels.

Hope to see you around!, Z

Learning Comics! will be producing a number of short comics through the program. Comicadia will be anthologizing these stories through Comicadia Worlds. Stories will be arriving shortly after the current story, The Bekkoning, ends. Comicadia will also be providing the program with web-space, promotion through Comicadia’s own social media channels.

One of Comicadia’s creators, David Davis, is also a mentor within the Learning Comics! program. This ultimately resulted in the development of the partnership.

Partnership Program

Additionally, program highlights, student work, and profiles will be published under The Comicadia Herald under the Learning Comics! category. This will give readers a great degree of insight into the creation of original comics and see the development of these upcoming stories ahead of their premieres in Comicadia Worlds.

Not only will the creators of these comics be building skills, but readers will have an insight into the process from the very beginning.

We are very excited to help promote talented, upcoming creators, and we are also excited to share their experiences in the Learning Comics! program here at the Comicadia Herald.