Cosmic Dash: Three Week Break

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Cosmic Dash, my science fiction adventure series which you should totally be reading, is going on a three wake hiatus after the current issue ends. It means no updates, but I’ll still be working on the comic behind the scenes. I am not planning any sort of guest-run, but I would definitely run any fan art or guest comics during that period if anyone has something to send. The current issues should end on December 7th.

You can e-mail me at hpkomic @ Again, I am not planning on running anything, but if something shows up I will be happy to share it. Guest comics are always a great way to promote your own comics.

When Cosmic Dash returns, we will be starting issue #2 of volume 4. Issue #1 was written by frequent contributor and good friend Deft Beck. You can currently read his own webcomic, The Bekkoning at Comicadia Worlds.