Mysterious Lady Takes Over for November!

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Hey guys, Nova here!

For long time readers, the monthly character banner poll is always something fun to look forward to after each month closes. This gives a chance for readers of Aether Eternius to vote on their favorite character to ‘take over’ all AE social media banners (Twitter/Tumblr/Patreon/ect) for the set month!

This month is special for 2 reasons. 1) It is the ‘reset’ of the character roster. After 4 long years we’ve finally reached the end of the roster, and now it’s time for the old.. and new to once again be put on the monthly ballot!

2) This month features a character who recently stepped out of the shadows, and was created by my good friend, and fellow comic creator, Mandy Robertson. The creator of Star-Crossed and the coming soon, Don’t Cry Witch!

Though her name has yet to be revealed (In a future chapter), this character is quite important to both the story, and the world of AE itself. As well as a link between Mandy’s worlds, and my own! Please show her some amazing support over on her social medias and main site, linked below!

Mandy Robertson on Twitter
Don’t Cry Witch Official Twitter
Main Site

Well done ‘Lady of Mystery’! And Happy Holidays to everyone!

Nova out!

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