Maynard and Grimm hits 7×7

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I am proud to say I am now a part of the 7×7 Comic Phenomenon!

Cyborg priest, Brother Maynard and electric dwarf, Rugnar Grimm from the pages of Phineus are getting their own series over at 7×7! Maynard and Grimm are tackling otherworldly creatures that lead to a dark plot they must stop!

A group of like minded, Pittsburgh comic creators are joining together to give daily we comic goodness. Starting today, I am one of them!

Starting today and every Wednesday is Maynard and Grimm day at 7×7!

I join the ranks of creators such as D.J. Coffman, Mike Wood, Scott Hedlund, Angela Oddling, Ian Sharpley & Shawn Atkins.

Pages go up first at:

Head on over and show some love!