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#Webcomics – 11/01

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Welcome to our series #Webcomic that scours social media for interesting webcomic conversations or announcements. It’s just a brief, informal survey of what is going on, and we’re always sure we’ll miss something. So please, feel free to comment on the article with any tweets that you found funny, insightful, or just plain interesting!

The rabbit is yet again set loose in the hunt for something on that webcomic hashtag. This is what he found.

Today, a new Today Land page has been published.

@grafxKid has released a new page from his RPG game inspired webcomic, and when I say game inspired, I mean it looks like a SNES-RPG.

Pin tier in the patreon!

The husband of @gimmethekfc has a patreon with a new pin in the tiers. It looks very stylish!

How much is it worth?

@UnisonComics is wondering how much his E-books should cost. I hope you will check out his stuff and help him giving the e-books the right price.

A very upset WIP page.

@rawrtacular is working with his manga. Looks like his character isn’t having a great time.

That’s it for today’s #Webcomic! Be sure to let us know what you think down below, or tag us at @ComicadiaTweets!