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#Webcomics – 10/29

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Welcome to this weeks #Webcomic post, scouring the web for webcomics to read and obsess over, so you don’t have to!

Now, I simply picked these comics based on the fact that I thought the artwork looked cool. So, here we go!

~ Barry


A half-elf? Get it? The art looks fun and I am interested in reading more!

A new webcomic enters the fray!

Ok, so maybe I have a theme, this week. They all seem to be fantasy webcomics. That’s cool.

Boo this Bard

It’s a still more decipherable song than “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

You’re on Update Notice!

Ok, I lied. A non-fantasy comic for this one. Nice line work.

Back to the Fantasy

Someone has been taking lessons from Smaug the terribly rich.

Here there be Dragons!

And last but not least… Slack Wyrm. Another dragon and fantasy comic. One of my favs!

That’s it for today’s #Webcomic! Be sure to let us know what you think down below, or tag us at @ComicadiaTweets!