The Comicadia Herald Link-a-palooza

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Welcome to the first annual Link-a-palooza. The Comicadia Herald is one way we at Comicadia want to give back to the webcomic scene, and the Link-a-palooza is just the kind of impulsive craziness we want to be known for!

How it works:

We want you to comment on this post with your webcomic links. In about a week’s time, we’ll select five of them. First, we will spotlight them in a follow-up post. This means some copy about your work, preview images, and direct links to what you do.

We will then, also plug the five selected comics on Twitter! We’re talking a tweet-thread listing five chosen webcomics.

It’s an easy way to get your work out there, and all it takes is the time to write a comment about your comic. We hope to make this a monthly thing.

Comment Etiquette

We ask you to drop links, but don’t mean just… cut and run. We’re more likely to pick webcomics from comments that feature a little bit more engagement than just dropping a URL. In fact, our spam filters may just nuke your comment if you’re just dropping a link.

Our spam filter shows no mercy.

All good?