Homestuck Sequel Begins

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October 25th marks the launch of the sequel to the massive hit webcomic Homestuck with the announcement of Homestuck^2.

Homestuck was a wonderfully convoluted mess of a webcomic project that chronicled different groups of kids, human and alien (in the past and future), as they shared their experiences with a reality-altering video game.

It was… very strange, but extremely popular. Like, really, really, really popular.

The original Homestuck webcomic did, in fact, end, but the series itself never died. It spun off into projects with What Pumpkin Games developing a series of games and stories set in the world of the webcomic, and even emulating some of the rather esoteric video games features seen in the original comic. The comic was known for flash animated segments, an impressive collection of music and remixes, and an absolutely bonkers amount of fan art.


So the question needs to be asked, how official is this follow-up? Could it just be a canonized fan-project?

The FAQ page of Homestuck^2 lays this out pretty clearly:

It is actual Homestuck. That is, an extension to the “canonical” Homestuck storyline, beginning immediately after the Homestuck Epilogues, conceived and produced by Andrew Hussie and What Pumpkin. But it is also a fan work! It was designed to include the writing and art contributions from fans of the series. Many writers will be involved, and collectively they will be allowed significant latitude in shaping the direction of the story and the way it’s told. “Beyond Canon” is what it sounds like – it’s a legitimate continuation of the series, and simultaneously a departure from conventional ideas when it comes to what we think of as canon, or any authoritative expansion on a work of fiction. It will continue with themes established in the epilogues involving the blurring of lines between what is considered authoritative about media, and the elaboration on said media by groups of empowered fans. An “official fanonization” of the ongoing epic, if you will.

It sounds ambitious, incredibly messy, and will quickly necessitate the use of a wiki to track down the storylines. You could always use the series’ SparkNotes as well.

Yep, this is an official sequel to Homestuck, all right.

Homestuck^2 is a collaboration between series creator Andrew Hussie, What Pumpkin, and Snake Solutions Studio LLP.

We’ll continue to track any announcements and news relating to what is sure to be one of the biggest webcomics around.