2019 Ringo Awards – Webcomic Winners!

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The Ringo Awards happened a couple of days ago, and as is the recent trend in the scene, webcomics were represented and took home a couple of prizes. Good work, everyone!

The Comics Reporter has a whole line-up of the winners, but webcomics are our focus here, so let’s dive in!

Best Cartoonist (writer/artist)

While Terry Moore took home the win, Echorise and Enjelicious were both webcomic creators who were nominated to this prestigious category. Echorise is the creator of the webcomics Shard and The Croaking, but it seems the nomination was attached for Shard. Both comics are available on Webtoon and you can follow the creator on Twitter.

Enjelicious is the creator of the Webtoon Age Matters. You can find Enjelicious on Twitter.

A general congratulations should go out to Webtoons, as well, for providing a home for a lot of nominees.

Best Artist or Penciller

Steve Ellis was nominated, though Sean Phillips won. Steve Ellis is not traditionally a “webcomic artist” as per what we’d think. Steve has done a lot of work for major publishers, but his project with David Gallaher for Bottled Lightning, The Only Living Boy, totally counts as a webcomic. You can read The Only Living Boy online right now. You can also learn all about Steve Ellis on his official website.

The pairing of Steve Ellis and David Gallaher previously collaborated on the Zuda comic (remember Zuda comics?!) High Moon, which is a fun werewolf western. You can actually relive High Moon on Tapas.

Best Colorist

Yaongyi, yet another Webtoon creator, was nominated for Best Colorist, though the award ultimately went to Tamra Bonvillain. Yaongyi’s webcomic, True Beauty, is a drama comic about make-up and identity. The comic is gorgeously colored and presented in the traditional Korean vertical-comic style. The comic is hugely popular on Webtoons.

Best Humor Comic

Bluechair by Shen and Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell by unfins were both nominees for Best Humor Comic. Ultimately, the award went to MAD, which is fitting given the magazine has recently ended outright, but two webcomics being represented for such a prestigious category is a huge deal.

Webtoons as a platform, is well, well represented in these categories and speaks to the power of their marketing team and the success of the site.

Best Comic Strip or Panel (winner)

Nancy by Olivia James is an honorary webcomic (don’t clap back at me, I am the authority, here) and as such, I am classifying it as one of the big webcomic wins at the Ringo Awards. While yes, Nancy is a syndicated cartoon and is limited in its web presence to GoComics, the comic has that spirit of a webcomic and its memetic status has transcended the comic page to being a legit, online phenomenon.

Also, Sluggo is Lit.

Best Webcomic (winner, obviously)

Of course, a webcomic would win the Best Webcomic award. Congratulations to the team at The Nib for their work in the realm of editorial comics. You can see the whole list of nominees right here:

Age Matters, Enjelicious
Aztec Empire, Paul Guinan, Anina Bennett, David Hahn
The Contradictions, Sophie Yanow
Existential Comics, Corey Mohler
Lavender Jack, Dan Schkade
Luff, Arechan
The Nib, various
Nothing Special, Katie Cook

So, that was the Ringo Awards for 2019? Any thoughts? For a webcomic creator such as myself, it seems to tell me that maybe Webtoon might be a platform worth exploring further. Maybe Comicadia needs to nominate a comic…