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#Webcomic – 10/20

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Welcome to our series #Webcomic that scours social media for interesting webcomic conversations or announcements. It’s just a brief, informal survey of what is going on, and we’re always sure we’ll miss something. So please, feel free to comment on the article with any tweets that you found funny, insightful, or just plain interesting!

And today Dojo’s giving you the skinny on some of the fun that’s been happening in the hashtag over the weekend! But in honor of the upcoming holiday, here’s some spooky things we found when perusing the Twitter hashtag.

War and Peas

You can’t think Halloween without witch’s. Check out War & Peas by Elizabeth Pich & Jonathan Kunz. I hope the witch remembered to bring some garlic butter.

The Thief’s Heir

The Thief’s Heir, by Mimi LeBlanc, had an update over this weekend, a comic which features demons, another very Halloween connected creature. Looks like Aeon’s causing trouble…


Check out Daniel da Silva Lopes inktober comic. If the idea of tackling an entire comic for inktober wasn’t spooky enough, this one also features a post-apocalyptic world with a pretty spooky atmosphere. He’s up to page 11 now, let’s cheer him on!

Eldritch Nightmares

And some concept art from Kaya Oldaker’s upcoming webcomic idea. These designs are looking pretty sweet, aren’t they?

Koo Academy

The idea of having a tongue slapping my face like that is definitely a horrific one. For that, I deem Christos Mavrodis’s comic, Koo Academy, suitable for this spooky-themed #Webcomic post.

That’s it for today’s #Webcomic! Be sure to let us know what you think down below, or tag us at @ComicadiaTweets!