Tablet Comic Tutorial

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  • I switch easily between my phone and my tablet. Here i show how i do my thumb nails in my notes program on my Note 9.
  • Use the fill tool and fill the balloon and tail with white.

For decades, I made comics in a very old school way. I penciled and inked on paper, scanned the pages and colored and lettered in InDesign. Mainly because I couldn’t afford a graphics tablet or a Surface Pro.

A couple of years ago, I found a free program called Medibang Paint that is really great for making comics. I had a Galaxy Note 8, now a Note 9 that comes with the best stylus in the business, built-in. I created many comics, using my phone alone, small screen and all.

Recently, I was able to upgrade and get myself a Galaxy Tab A 10.6 for about $350. This acts much like the phone, I’ve been using, with a much bigger screen. I am able to run the same program on a larger screen.

Medibang also allows you to share between devices, easily. So, I find myself using my phone for parts, swapping to my tablet and back again.

I have plotted out my progress shots of how I build a page, on two mobile devices. Cheap. Easy. Effective.

Never. Stop. Creating.