Comicadia Spotlight: Kevin Hayman

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Welcome to Comicadia Spotlight: A series that introduces out talented creators of the over 20 different webcomics that Comicadia offers!

This inaugural spotlight is all about Kevin Hayman. Kevin is an artist/writer and designer from Jackson, Mississippi. His webcomic series include: Kota’s World  (’00-current), The Errant Apprentice (’06-current), and Mailbox Rocketship (’14-current.)  His comics can be found at  He is not classified as a squid. (He asked that we emphasize that for some reason…)

We had an earlier version of this article on, but we decided to revisit it to add a couple of new questions for The Comicadia Herald!

Tell us about yourself.

Well, I’m a lifelong comic and animation fan with a background in graphic design. I’m in my 40’s, I’m in a long term relationship, and I know the most talented creators in the world.

Tell us about your comics.

Kota’s World was my first series. It ran for five years and despite some issues with structure people have fond memories of it. It was basically a bunch of superpowered people running around the web. For some reason, I felt it needed to come back. Mailbox Rocketship takes those same characters in a new setting and focuses more on absurd comedy. The Errant Apprentice is my epic. It’s a modern fantasy series where magic has returned and only a small group of people can save reality. But really it’s about accepting other people. 

How can we support your work?

Hot dang, I’m glad you asked! I have a patreon and various other ways to help keep the comics going! Recently I started seeing how Ko-fi might work for me as well. There are links to all of the ways you can support me on each comics’ page.

How long have you been creating webcomics?

I started in 2000 so at this point, it’s been 19 years. Kinda makes it easy to keep track of.  

What are some of your favorite webcomics?

Right now it’s a small list. Cosmic Dash*Questionable Content, My Hero!, and Paisley Brickstone.

If you were forced to do only one of your comics for the rest of your life, which would you choose, and why?

Probably Kota’s World right now. Mostly because the internet keeps evolving and it keeps giving me fodder for stories.

What is one tip you have for anyone starting their own webcomic?

Start. I know you think you need all this world-building and everything, but it’s useless if you don’t actually start. So go forward knowing that it’s not going to be great and that it’ll get better as you go. The progress IS the destination.

How do you feel webcomics changed since you started making them?

It’s really hard to pin down. It’s the same way the web has changed. There are more people in the community and there are more communities. Somehow it’s all more fragmented which is terribly sad. We should all be working together to help each other more.

What excites you most about being part of Comicadia?

The community has been amazing, welcoming, and friendly and I can’t recommend joining the discord enough!

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars. The original trilogy specifically. I grew up with it the way kids 100 years ago would have grown up with fairy tales.

Who should we spotlight in the future? What question would you ask them?

Jim Perry for sure. As for a question; what keeps you driven to do what you do?

*The interviewer did not pay for this endorsement! (Thanks Kevin!)