Rainy Day Dreams Book 1 on Kickstarter

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Funding for a first print run of the webcomic, Rainy Day Dreams, is running on Kickstarter now until November 8th. Book 1 collects the first five chapters of the comic. Rainy Day Dreams is a character-driven supernatural drama about relationships, monsters, and defeating evil with kindness (and also sometimes swords cuz swords are cool).

Tristin, a plucky human with a lousy string of luck, finds herself trapped in a spooky parallel dimension of monsters after a treasure hunt gone wrong. Unable to return home, she’s taken in by Mara—a grumpy reclusive psychic with strange powers and a stranger past. Tumble deeper into the Nameless World with parties, fancy dresses, and intrigue!

The printing of this book is also to commemorate the 5 year anniversary of Rainy Day Dreams posting online and features new and remastered art and script.

Rainy Day Dreams is written and illustrated by Mariah Currey and serialized on her website.

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