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Comicadia Worlds will be the online home of the brand new ashcan, BITE, a project by recent Comicadia addition, HazeAmaze (creator of TOM N ARTIE).

The creative team on the comic is Roger Bonet Martinez (main artist), Esther Pimentel (colorist), Cristian Docolomansky (letterer), Mike Stevens (editor) and Jim Perry (editor). All brought together to make this excellent comic and each bringing their best talent to the workload.

BITE is an M-rated action comic about a trio of shark humanoids who are getting dragged back into a life of violence they tried to leave behind. Warrick, Olivia, and Truman make up the once feared Terror Trio when they used to rampage across the world under the leadership of the DREAD organization. Heavily inspired by Street Sharks and several Robert Rodriguez action movies this is Haze’s first step into a more mature territory for writing.

The ashcan follows the Terror Trio as they’re interviewed about their past actions. A proper introduction to the characters, their personalities, and the world they live in. Comicadia Worlds is currently home to The Bekkoning (written by Deftbeck) and the BITE Ashcan will be next after the first issue is complete!

The Terror Trio (left to right) Olivia, Warrick, Truman

Teeming with enough violence and swearing to make Tarantino proud BITE will be hitting Comicadia Worlds soon. Follow BITE on Twitter to keep up to date with it’s newest info!