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Welcome to the first ever post of The Comicadia Herald; this site serves Comicadia’s exclusive news hub and our effort to try to showcase the wider world of webcomics. Comicadia originally had a news section on the mainpage, but we found it wasn’t conducive to the frequent updates that we wanted to do. We wanted to share news in such a way that our creators could post whatever updates they wished; however, we also wanted to bring in content outside of our collective because there are so many great webcomics online that should be shared.

So, that’s the origin of The Comicadia Herald, but what exactly should you expect to see here over the coming weeks, months, and years?

Comicadia News

Foremost, The Comicadia Herald is about sharing news regarding our little slice of the web. That means we allow our creators to post news updates as they see fit. However, we also will have a weekly news round-up on Fridays that covers the Comicadia news of the week. Expect to see a round-up post each Friday. Individual creator’s posts may be sporadic as they are all likely busy creating the comics you read each week.

We also wanted to be more communicative about the Multi-Artist eXchange, or MAX, for short. This means we are going to post round announcements, tips, and other material for the MAX community. Hopefully if you are not already engaged in the monthly rounds, this material might encourage you to join the fun.

We will also be looking to provide other great content such as tutorials, previews, interviews with our creators, and round-table discussions. We’re eager to hear your thoughts, so please comment and let us know what you want to see.

Webcomic Wire

We do not want to be considered a closed ecosystem here at Comicadia. Our rather large Discord server is a great example of this: creators of all sorts of webcomics, webcomic readers, artists, and our own Comicadia talent all chat there every day. We want The Comicadia Herald to reflect this openness as well, which is why we are excited about the Webcomic Wire.

The Webcomic Wire is a general news category for all sorts of webcomic content that falls outside of Comicadia. We want to spread the news about talented creators we already know, and more importantly, creators we don’t know yet! We’re asking creators to submit their news through our submission form so we can keep the Webcomic Wire moving constantly. You’ll always see the latest posts on the main page in the left-hand column, ensuring the world of comics outside of Comicadia’s niche is always well represented.

Please Stick Around

Again, we just want to welcome you to what should be a great new part of Comicadia. Whether you are a fan of our over twenty comics, or you create your own comics, we ask that you join us in sharing news about webcomics in general.

Please feel free to contact us, comment on what we’re doing, or check out our about page for more information. Most importantly, please stay tuned for more news from The Comicadia Herald.