Weekly Sketchbook Post 4/19 – 4/25

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Back again with more sketches. The collection is mostly from me, however, when I get sketches from other Comicadia creators, I will include them.

So, what do we have this time?

Another sketch from the slasher comic. Definitely a riff on the Jason Voorhees archetype. I have some story details and reasons for design choices. I’d eventually like to do a polished version of this character.

Another slasher project character, based on the killer of American Psycho, Patrick Bateman. I wanted a rich character to pull the strings. I ultimately do not think I will be the artist to the actual project, but I do enjoy drafting these things.

I’ve been watching Invincible, naturally. Robot has been a long time character I have really enjoyed, especially as he has taken multiple narrative roles. Plus, his skull-like face is fun to draw.

Another character from a project in my archives. Leezel is a small time criminal who, through a series of circumstances, finds himself becoming the Sauron of a magical world. This story would then connect to another, taking place centuries later, about his downfall. The scope is very large and I am in no way confident enough to make this happen, yet.

Disenchantment is a fun show on Netflix by Matt Groening, and the demon Luci, voiced by Eric Andre, has become a spirit animal of mine. Luci is a lot of fun to draw.

Concept for a character, currently unattached to a project. The idea is that he has to cut himself to create a guardian construct with his blood. No idea where he may fit in my stories, but I am sure I’ll figure something out.

The lasts sketch this week is another Disenchantment piece, but this time mashed up with a little Futurama. Nat Faxon’s Elfo is great, probably my second favorite voice from a non-veteran voice actor on the show, after Eric Andre, of course.

Anyway, that is week two of my sketch-every day challenge. Starting to throw in color now. Not sure how often I will do that, but we’ll see. For now, please follow me on Twitter to see the sketches as they come out.

If you are still reading this, the first person to make a comment on this article with a request will get their request drawn this week.