Weekly Sketchbook Post 4/13 – 4/18

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Hello all and welcome. I’ve been busy as of late with comics, writing, and teaching. So much so that for months I have just sort of neglected drawing anything that wasn’t a comic or a commission. Fed up with that, I’ve decided to challenge myself to sketching something every day. I started Tuesday, so it’s only six images this week, but I am shooting for a full seven next week.

So, here is what I have to offer, with some notes. Let me know what you think, hm?

Sketchbook Gallery

The first sketch is a little kangaroo mouse adventurer. I have no story for it beyond having some inspiration from Redwall and The Secret of NIMH. I’ve love to do a story that evokes those one day. Would the protagonist be a kangaroo mouse? Maybe!

I have been playing a lot of Breath of the Wild lately and it’s been forever since I drew link. I decided to try to draw specific equipment. If you can figure out what equipment he is carrying let me know. I mean, I know, obviously, but I want to see if anyone else recognizes the items.

Also, apologies for the odd dual tweet format of the rest of the thread. WordPress likes to include the tweet and the reply.

One of many, many projects of mine is a wrestling comic about a luchador who is abducted by aliens and forced to wrestle in an intergalactic wrestling federation. I’ve been hammering at a mini series concept, and this is a pass at the “rival” wrestler in the story.

More of the sci-fi wrestling project, this guy is my concept for the chairman of the whole thing, who has abducted the luchador for very specific and sinister reasons.

Another idea I had this week was a slasher parody comic about a camp for slashers that is discovered by a final girl who decides to kill them all. This was just a rough concept/attitude drawing of the protagonist, but I think I might go a specific direction and model the character around a favorite actress. Expect to see Cassandra pop up here in a different form in the comic weeks.

This last sketch is for one of the slashers at the camp, but not the main one. My idea behind slaughter scarecrow is that he was trapped in a burning cornfield and has Kreugeresque burns he covers with his scarecrow outfit. Some details I like are the stitched-on crows wings and the collection of crow skulls dangling from his hip. I am sure this guy will take a few more passes, but I think he already feels pretty good. He definitely evokes some classic slasher tropes without being too similar to others.

Anyway, that was week one. My hope is that some of my fellow Comicadia friends might join me so I can post their art in this post as well. We’ll see. See you next Sunday!