New Webcomic Aggregator: WebcomicsFeed

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Recently launched aggregator WebcomicsFeed is worth checking out if you are a reader or a creator of webcomics.

The service launched April 5th of this year and is currently operating as a beta. According to the about page, WebcomicsFeed:

[…] is a revolutionary online comic publishing and reader platform. Our aim is to be the online version of the funny pages – the first website people turn to with their morning coffee for their daily dose of laughs. Our mission is to empower comic creators by showcasing their work, providing fun tools for engaging with readers and creating an extra revenue source for their comics. Think of it as Instagram/Twitter/Reddit/Feedly/Patreon/Tapas/Webtoon all rolled up into one 😅!

The service looks to be a strong way to expose potential readers to new comics that they may not be familiar with. For creators, the FAQ page provides a guide on how to publish content to the platform.

I will be testing the platform out and delivering some impressions later this week. Until then, poke around and see what comics you find. You can learn more about WebcomicsFeed on the official website, Twitter, and Instagram.