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#Webcomic: 4/13

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Three months? What happened? Well, a lot, but that’s okay, webcomics still exist and still get shared on Twitter. So why not find five worth sharing tonight? Welcome to #Webcomic.

Picpak Dog

It is always fun to see Kim Belding’s comic strip pop up on my feed. It’s a good, classic-style comic strip that I feel has more or less fallen by the wayside on the internet in the last ten years or so. A lot of people who start webcomics, at least how it seems to me, move right into long-form stories. Sometimes I just want to read a gag a day, you know?


Never read this comic before, but it looks pretty good. I do like seeing Orcs and Goblins as leads rather than faceless hordes. The comic seems relatively new and the art is pretty good. I think it is one I’ll continue to keep an eye on, and I’d suggest you all do the same. Give Nomie a try on Webtoon.

Six Relics

A good cover image goes a long way and as I scrolled through webcomic tweets on Twitter this one caught my eye. Great job, Faro. Not super familiar with Six Relics, but the cover has me intrigued. According to the author, the comic came out of wanting to do something positive out of the year 2020. How motivating! Overall it looks like a quality project. Best to keep an eye on it.

I am going to force myself to do one of these a week. So please yell at me on Twitter, and you can always feel free to suggest an update to include.