Curly – The supernatural misadventures of a con man!

Back on the 28 of August 2015, the horror/comedy webcomic Curly launched. Since then it has been reworked, updated, and revamped into something readable.

Follow the Irish, con-man Curly as he flees from a horrible curse, a revengeful demon, and bumbles from one misadventure to another with his newfound friend Kaz. Read in horror and laugh yourself to tears as the duo faces sexy silent vampires, robotic hounds, and slimy space aliens among many other weird and horrific creatures.

Updated once a week, Curly is a fun romp through horror, pop culture, and witty dialogue. So if you are a fan of all things supernatural, this is the webcomic for you!

Original post submitted by Lasse Wennerstrand