Comicadia Update 1/24

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It’s been a while since we released a dedicated news and update post for the whole group of our creators. We’ll be a little looser with the structure because hey, why not?

So, what is stirring at Comicadia? New projects, a book, and New Year’s resolutions!

It’s Resolutionary!

With a new year starting up a few of the creators have some plans in mind. Who said what? Let’s see…

  • Kazoo, of Dreamrise wrote: “Posting new pages.”
  • Haze, of Tom ‘n Artie, Kaiju Dayz, Bite, and a billion other things wrote: “My resolution is to get more character art done. Get the audience used to the extended cast.”
  • Sketch, of Grapple Seed wrote: “Resolutions are to start a webtoon version and also get the first book published properly in April. Oh and possibly a motion comic version that’s voice acted. Basically, just explore different approaches and platforms.”
  • SeetheRabbit of Vulperra wrote: “I think my resolution is to level up my environment skills. They are lacking at the moment.”
  • As for me, the guy who does Cosmic Dash and RGBots, I want 2021 to be the year of Cosmic Dash, which brings us to…

Silver Spiral Stories Launches!

A brand new Cosmic Dash webcomic? You bet!

Starting next week, Wed. January 27th (my birthday!), there will be new comics set in the universe of Cosmic Dash. This companion series, Silver Spiral Stories, is going to let me explore other plotlines that I cannot get into with the main comic due to scheduling and pacing. Over at the website, right now, you can enjoy over 50 pages of side comics.

Awake arrives!

The current comic over at Comicadia Worlds is Awake, a prequel to Kevin Hayman’s The Errant Apprentice, which is in its current final arc. You can read Awake on Fridays, where it will update with two new pages a week.

Incoming comic from Chippy and Dojo!

Chippy and Dojo sent me these concept drawings for a new comic they are collaborating on titled No Strings Attached. What is it about? “After a one-night stand, Georgia finds her world begins to be torn asunder as the borders of reality start to break down and she is trapped at the very center of a fight for all of creation. Now pregnant, Georgia has to fight her way to safety while dealing with a war that has been waged since the dawn of creation.”

It sounds super intense and the concept work really reflects that. I’m really excited to see how all this plays out.

Ronin on the Run!

One of our behind-the-scenes figures on the site, Ronin, has been a huge help over the past year with managing various components of the site. The thing is, Ronin is also an artist who has contributed to Comicadia Worlds a couple of times but does not currently have a webcomic of his own. Ronin has been busy however and shared some fun stuff with us.

Specifically, Ronin seems to be working on a much-beleaguered superhero comic and shared this cool process drawing of one of the characters on his YouTube channel. He is also working on his Deviant Art account, so who knows what else may pop up?

Book it!

We’ve been cooking up something really cool… and I get to introduce it! Comicadia’s first anthology book is on the way. I can’t give you a date but I can say most of the work on it is done.

I cannot say too much about the content inside, but I do get to share the cover! I can’t wait for all of you to finally read the thing.