Comicadia Update 9/12

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It’s time for another Comicadia update! What’s new? What’s going on? Here are your highlights.

Comics on Break

Two Comicadia titles recently announced hiatuses.

The first comic is The Tale of Jasper Gold, which is going on an indefinite hiatus while creator Jamil Gonzalez looks into some other projects. If you want to keep track of what Jamil is up to then you should follow him on Twitter… he’s been drawing a lot of fantasy stuff lately. Maybe a sign of things to come? Who knows?

Well, he does, obviously.

The other comic that is taking a break is Vulperra. Maybe all the furry comics are going into hibernation or something… Anyway, there will be about a month of guest comics going up on the website, but the hiatus will be until the end of April next year.

You can follow SeetheRabbit for updates and streams in the meantime.

Kaiju Dayz (to the tune of “Glory Days”)

Kaiju Dayz recently made its first of many coming appearances on Comicadia Worlds. The comic follows a family of kaiju (that’s giant monsters for you gaijin) and is a cute little slice of life comic. We recently mentioned the GoFundMe campaign that funded a second animatic of the material as well, so everything is coming up kaiju.

And just recently it seems the series logo has been finalized.

Looking good!

hpkomic is watching horror movies

Newsworthy, maybe not, but I write the news so I get to plug whatever stuff I want.

I am watching 61 movies over 61 days to celebrate Halloween. I am basing my choices on Shudder’s selection for their 61 Days of Halloween event, live-tweeting the movies, and doing a weekly roundup at Haunted MTL. You can read the first round-up right now. As of the time this post goes live, I’ll have watched 11 movies.

Let’s hope I can last, with the help of my robot friends.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. We’ll keep you posted on news as it comes!