Comicadia Update 7/31

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It’s the end of the month of July but the start of a weekly feature. We used to do a weekly round-up of updates, but we’re switching gears and compiling news from all of our creators in a central location. We also have the bonus of a weekly question for our talented members to answer.

If you’re looking for a central repository of updates we definitely urge you to check out the Comicadia Twitter account.

As for this week, our question was one that is particularly fitting given world events: How has the pandemic affected your productivity?

So, let’s see what everyone has to say!

Dojo of Paisley Brickstone

Dojo hits us with a list!

  • I’m mostly settled at my new house so production recently started resuming on all my non-paused projects
  • Paisley Brickstone is on a brief hiatus while I write the next chapter. I’m shooting for the end of august for pages to start going up again. It’ll be dropping to a page a week for updates as I’ll be focusing most of my energy elsewhere for the time being.
  • Perilous Journey, a comic I’ve had paused since 2017, is resuming production as a graphic novel instead of a webcomic, and is getting traditional inks. I’m anticipating right now that it’ll be about 200 pages and I’m aiming to be finished with it sometime in 2021.
  • And finally, I’ve been posting the development art for my upcoming boyband murder mystery webtoon on my twitter and instagram (both @Dojothegreat)
  • 18 Saints are 18 Sinners, my other webtoon that’s been paused since 2017, will remain paused until at least Perilous Journey is finished. I’ve been very eager to get back to it and spent a good chunk of last year working on development for it, but it’s possibly the largest project I’ve got cooking right now and want to make sure I’ve finished at least one or two of the smaller ones first.

Dojo also has some thoughts on the pandemic:

Also as for the quarantine, honestly, it’s weird to say it but I feel like it’s helped me? At first I was about as unproductive as everyone else seems to be, but after getting sick, it’s been this slow climb of reevaluation of every aspect of my life and where my priorities lie. I feel I’m getting better than ever at picking my battles, and laughing off the ones that aren’t even remotely worth getting involved in. Which has, in turn, helped my productivity as well. I’m drawing more than I have in years, and enjoying every second of it. I’m fixing my insane work schedule and asking for help more. I’m forcing myself to do less and easing myself into more.

Time will tell if any of this sticks, but big changes in my life have had a history of improving it in small ways so here’s hoping all the good sticks.

Kota of Everywhen

Kota has this to say regarding the pandemic: “The general mood of the world kinda drags you down and question your justifications for being an artist. In the end, you have to do something to take your mind off the world at large and comics may as well be it.”

Editor’s note: Kota is also offering his services as an inker at extremely reasonable rates.

Barry of Phineus

Barry has been posting his own updates. You can check the latest one right here.

Jamil of Jasper Gold

Things have been looking up for Jasper Gold. It has been updating regularly again for now. As for how the pandemic has affected my productivity. Things were very slow in the beginning. Because we didn’t know much of how this virus was transmitted, I, like many others were living in constant fear and paranoia. Where doing anything productive felt like a huge chore. My mind was never focused, and working on art didn’t bring the same joy it normally did. I sought refuge in mindless activities like games and social media. Now that some time has passed, I’ve learned to adapt. I’m focusing more on my schooling and finding that same spark I once did when it came to working on comics.

Joseph of Jack Legend

Since quarantine, I’ve found it difficult to go back to doing things that were in my old routine, like working on my comic or drawing. Though i’ve found myself trying new things as well, so its more like my priorities have been realigned. Productivity has gone down plenty in some areas (drawing, working on comic), but up in others (coding, game development).

Alli of My Hero!

The pandemic has been both a boon and a curse. The boon has been that whenever the inspiration hits, my tablet and computer are never far away, even when I’m at work. The drawback is that being at my computer all day does sap some of my creative energy.

I have no time to really disconnect from the work/life mix, so it drains me quickly.

Final Thoughts

As for me? Well, Cosmic Dash production began again this week, so I have that going on. I am not stressing on updating right away though, as I’d rather focus on getting a bunch of pages finished first. I did get the news that volume two of the comic is going to print, so there is that. It should be available this fall. Otherwise, I have been hard at work writing and programming a horror video game.

As far as the pandemic question, I would probably be best served by linking you to a recent post I did regarding the state of my projects.