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#Webcomic 7/24

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Hello everyone, welcome to the return of #Webcomic, the Comicadia-way of paying it forward and spotlighting comics we find on social media under the literal hashtag “webcomic.” We mostly pull from Twitter, but we’ve been known to dive into Instagram periodically as well.

So, what comics are we checking out this week?

Coursing Constellations

Our first comic is “Coursing Constellations” which can be found on Webtoon.

As for the synopsis? This is taken directly from Webtoon.

Nobody knows where Earth is anymore, Kring is the only person in the universe willing to find out. They soon realize that sometimes things are better left well enough alone and finds themself in a whole lot of trouble (and love). Updating Mondays and Fridays

The comic seems to be about 4 chapters deep and it looks pretty fun. Give it a read, why don’t ya?

Wishful Thinking

We have a brand new webcomic on the scene this week, courtesy of the Twitter user Raptorrhythm.

I quite enjoyed this one. The subversion here is pretty nicely done. I hope to see more of this series.


We have what seems to be a fun supernatural action comic available on Tapas and Webtoon.

From what I have seen it has a pretty cool style and I think i’ll be adding it to my own “to-read” list.

Great Books by Black Authors

This is such a fun and empowering way about spreading the word about creators.

There are some books on that list that also sound worth reading that I need to look into, especially as I am an English teacher in my day-to-day life. Good stuff.

Fuzzy Ball of Evil

This fun comic is pretty much a great representation of my average interactions with my own cat.

For real though, my cat is an asshole. Regardless, y’all should follow this account on Instagram for more great cat comics.